About Us

Hi, We Are Voyage Sacre!

Voyage Sacre was proudly founded in the tropical oasis of Bali. Both Indonesian and Australian run, Voyage Sacre aims to create luxury, high-quality natural skincare, at an affordable price point for our customers. 

Inspired from travels throughout Arabia and East Asia, from exquisite architecture and rich history, Voyage Sacre incorporates ancient anti-ageing and anti acne natural botanicals  into our products.

This ancient technique was used famously by Cleopatra to maintain her youthful, glowing complexion, where natural extracts  were said to have powerful anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Our Radiant Glow Elixir range helps to reduce signs of ageing as well as targeting acne and breakouts for a more clear, even skin tone. 

Voyage Sacre’s  mission is to deliver the most high quality, effective skincare range, at an accessible price tag. 


Sourced from all-natural local ingredients in Bali, at Voyage Sacre we are always trying to ensure our products are safe and loving for your skin. Free from sulphates, parabens, alcohol and fragrance, our products cater to all different skin types whether you have dry, normal, oily or combination skin. 

We know growing up acne can be a concern, and when we get older, wrinkles and fine lines - and the loss of firmness and elasticity that comes with ageing - can be just as upsetting. In saying this, our range of products aims to cater to assist in treating these skin concerns, to ensure you always feel your best and most confident in your own skin. 

So join us on this journey, and bring a little bit of luxury that you truly deserve into your everyday skincare routine with Voyage Sacre

Much love 

VS Team.